Tips from a Furniture Restoration Company to Restore Antiques

There are several do it yourself tricks you can rely on to help you restore your furniture. None of them take much time and they don’t involve sanding. Your lovely antique furniture may start to show some signs of wear over time. There may be scratches you find hard to hide. There may be water rings you aren’t impressed with. You don’t have to toss such items out or try to cover them up. Try these methods and see what works best for your item!

Using the Right Restoration Cleaner

Avoid any types of cleaners which contain harsh chemicals. Read the labels on products as you will be surprised at how many of them have such elements in them. Use a lemon or orange based cleaner for wood furniture items to clean them. Avoid basic furniture polish; go with a product such as Murphy’s Oil Soap. Generously apply it and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes before you wipe it off. Allow the wood to dry and repeat the process three times. When in doubt, contact a furniture restoration company to make sure you are using the correct products!

The Mayonnaise Trick

Using coasters is highly recommended to prevent water spots on your antique furniture. However, you may forget to do so from time to time. It may not happen if you have children in your home or guests. The water rings can be an eye sore but you don’t have to find something to cover the surface of that furniture with to hide them. Smear a small amount of mayonnaise on it and allow it to sit for up to an hour. Then wipe it off and you will find those water rings have vanished!

Mix Oil and Vinegar

You may mix oil and vinegar in your home to put on salad, but there is another use for it too! This can be a great way to restore your antique furniture. Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with ¾ cup extra virgin olive oil. Use a piece of cheese cloth to apply it to your antique furniture. This is going to add some moisture to wood which has dried out and is looking dull. It is also great for something with a bit of water damaged to benefit from.


With the above ideas, you should see some significantly improvements in your antique wood furniture. There is often no reason to go any further with restoration at that point in time. If you feel as though your antique needs more love, it is better to contact professionals. Leave it for a furniture restoration company to ensure your antique is restored properly and retains its value. However, if you have some scratches you can still see, you may think it makes the items appear worn and ugly. A wonderful solution is to crack open a walnut and use the meat inside of it.

This is going to work very quickly, and it is much easier than trying to sand down the wood and refinish it to remove those blemishes. It really is a tip you may find silly at first, until you see just how well it works!

Use a Furniture Restoration Company

Sometimes, a piece of furniture needs significantly more than the above restoration tips you can do at home. You may need to contact a professional offering such services. They can repair any damages and complete the restoration process for you. Take your time to find someone you can count on. Ask to see before and after photos of work they have completed for others. Ask for a price quote before you agree to the work.