Knowing Your Allentown Roofing Company

Paying for a new roof or repairs isn’t cheap, but it is necessary. The last thing you want is to discover you were taken advantage of. Sadly, roofing scams happen all the time because people often aren’t aware of what to look for. Since this isn’t the type of service you need all the time, you may make a decision in a hurry.

You need to take your time to verify who you will be working with. Ask for information and verify they are insured. Verify the longevity of the company and who owns it. Don’t feel pressured to work with an Allentown roofing company because they are offering you a low price, but it is only good for today! If they really can offer such a great price, it won’t have a deadline with it.

Knock on the Door Schemes

When a storm happens, roofing scams increase. There are often storm chasers and they will show up at your door. They will be friendly, claim they are in town to help with roofing issues, and that they can help you. They will encourage you to get on the schedule before others do because of the amount of damages in your area.

What happens though is you pay them all or part of the cost to repair or replace your roof in Allentown. Then the roofing company will never show up to do the work. They completed the same scheme on many in the Allentown area and then they skip town. By the time you realize they were taking advantage of everyone, it is too late. Now you have roofing issues and you are out the funds you paid to them.

Verify the Roofing Companies Background

Even though you may need roofing help in a hurry, take your time to verify the business. Look into their background and overall reputation. They should be well received by homeowners and business owners in the area. They should be known to complete work on time and to use quality materials. They should also have safe practices in place for all aspects of the roofing job.

Get a Roofing Contract in Writing

Never work with an Allentown roofing company that won’t put it all in writing. If they are legitimate, there is no reason why they details including the price, the materials, and the completion date aren’t in writing. If they give you the run around, it is a red flag and you should avoid hiring them.

Never Pay in Cash

Never pay for a roofing company to do work in cash because that makes it hard to verify. Should there ever be a dispute over payment, you can prove you paid when you used a check or a credit card. It is also easier to track scams that way if you do get taken advantage of. With cash, there is simply no paper trail to follow.

Most roofing contractors in Allentown are amazing and they are honest. However, you do need to do all you can to prevent becoming a victim of scams. They look for easy targets, for consumers who are in a hurry and those who don’t ask any questions. Make sure you are a well-informed consumer and you will be able to avoid these problems with your roofing contractor.