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How To Control Your Online Reputation With A Wilkes Barre Marketing Consultant

How to Control your Online Reputation with a Wilkes Barre Marketing Consultant

Customers are much more likely to write a review if they've been treated poorly by a company than if they've received excellent service. With the internet providing ample opportunities for clients to convey both their good and bad experiences with thousands of other potential customers online, controlling their online reputation is a challenge many small businesses are now struggling to cope with.

First off, you must accept that you cannot control what other people are going to post online about your business. While some comments might rile you, remember that anything you post in response will be seen by other customers, and negative comments will turn new buyers away from your organization.

Every now and then, a business will have an interaction with a client that goes sour for one reason or another. No company is perfect, and we all make mistakes and a Wilkes Barre marketing consultant can help. If your disgruntled client choses to take their frustrations online and bad mouth your company, there are a few things you can do in terms of damage control that won't affect your reputation further.

Be Honest and Appreciative

Most larger corporations don't ignore negative comments on their social media pages, and instead confront them head on with a friendly, apologetic message that either offers a free or discounted service to make up for their experience or contact information for the customer service function at the company so the matter can be discussed further. This is an excellent way of showing to other clients that you don't operate business in a way that disappoints your clients, and you also don't tolerate poor service. In a lot of cases, this leads to the issue being resolved and the online comments being removed by the poster. However, you should never ask a customer to remove their review, but instead attempt to make things better and for them to decide themselves to delete it.

Make Your Contact Information Readily Available

If a client can't easily find a customer service number or contact information for management, they are more likely to become angry and turn to writing a damaging online review. Take steps to make a telephone number and an email address for complaints easily accessible for all customers, and be prompt and accurate in responding. Aim to respond to all emails within 12 hours, and for a smaller company with less resources, make sure there is a voicemail function set up on your phone line. You can list these contacts on your website or at the end of emails.

Buy a Domain Name and Establish Your Website

If all a customer can find when searching for your company is a few pixelated logo images and some reviews from other customers, they are much less likely to contact you or use your services. Buying a domain name is the first step is presenting a trustworthy and successful company, and setting up a website that is regularly updated with relevant content presents a reliable organization.

Make Your Site Optimized for SEO and Mobile Use

SEO optimization uses some internet trickery to push your site to the top of search results, making it more likely that a potential buyer will click on your page and visit your site. This can help your online reputation as the sites that appear closer to the top of a search engine result are genuinely seen as better, more trustworthy companies. Optimizing your site for mobile use also increases traffic and the customer perception of your business, as it becomes instantly accessible and appears to be in touch with modern technology.

Your online reputation is a crucial part of your business in today's modern online age, and can mean the difference between a thriving company and one which fails to draw in new clients and sales. It's vitally important to incorporate these steps into your Wilkes Barre marketing consultant plan, as the internet grows to account for a considerable amount of small business sales and inquiries.

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